“To inspire and enable those with Parkinson's
to stay active and hopeful.”

For many people, Parkinson’s is a disease without much hope. 

By the time someone is diagnosed with PD approximately 70% of the dopamine-producing neurons in their brain have died. Much of the damage is already done and much has been lost. Losing your sense of smell is one of the earliest signs of Parkinson’s and, as the disease progresses, more things are lost. There’s often a loss of voice, loss of balance, loss of strength, loss of motivation, loss of sleep, loss of cognitive ability and, for many, a loss of hope. About the only thing that is “gained” are tremors.  

Staying positive in the face of this kind of prognosis is super, super tough. But it’s not impossible. There truly is hope to be found, and there are ways to fight back. 

That’s what Ride For PD wants to provide: HOPE and HELP for those with Parkinson's. 


So far, the only scientifically proven way to actually slow down the progress of this nasty disease is through regular exercise. Ride For PD wants people to know that there is something they can do — they’re not helpless victims — and the best thing they can do is to get moving and stay active! When people with PD exercise (especially bicycling) amazing things can happen. Balance improves, strength improves, motivation improves, tremors lessen, and depression abates. Most people with PD are told this when they’re diagnosed, but we want inspire them to keep moving and to do more than they thought they could. That’s why we’re doing a crazy-long bike tour led by a guy with Parkinson’s: To show people they can fight back and make a difference, in spite of this disease!


Knowing isn’t enough — you have to actually do. But, when you’re hopeless and dealing with Parkinson’s, it’s hard to get started or to know in which direction to go. Ride For PD wants to help people with Parkinson’s Disease through funding exercise programs and classes designed specifically for them! Thankfully, The Parkinson Association of the Rockies provides exactly those kinds of classes! (Click Here) Boxing, yoga, high-intensity interval training, dance, aquatics, cycling/spin classes, and more. The funds we provide will go directly toward those exercise programs to make it easier for those with PD to exercise and slow down progression. 

But we need YOU to make it happen. Donate Today!